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Hannah Seligson’s Mission: Adulthood Published

Mission: Adulthood

Mission Adulthood: How the 20-Somethings of Today Are Transforming Work, Love, and Life (Diversion Books), publishes today. Congratulations Hannah!

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Jon Buchan in Publishers Weekly

Buchan draws from his background in law and journalism for his remarkable fiction debut, a novel of political corruption set in Washington, D.C. in the 1990s. South Carolina Senator Buck Ravenel has just been outed by Wade McNabb for having accepted a bribe in exchange for his lobbying power on behalf of a proposed chemical […]

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Hannah Seligson Writes about a Grand Experiment for the NY Times

“CAN you build a technology entrepreneur from scratch in four months flat?”

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Dr. Jeffrey Rubin in Psychology Today When we do self better—cherish and nurture ourselves, empathize with and care for others (including those outside of our circle of family and friends), and relate to life more fluidly and less self-consciously—the experience of self is a home, not a battleground. Not only do we flourish, but we contribute to the enrichment of […]

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A New Excerpt from Buddha Standard Time by Lama Surya Das

Buddha Standard Time

Buddha Standard Time (HarperOne, 2011) by foremost Western Buddhist teacher and national bestselling author Lama Surya Das offers an alternative to the ceaseless hustle and bustle of modern American life.

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An Engaging Article by Dr. Jeffrey Rubin That Is Certain to Evoke Discussion The quest to live a good life has a venerable history. It’s the central concern of Aristotle, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, the prophets, Montaigne, Maslow and now positive psychologists. Such a focus on humans at their best is a useful corrective to Western psychology’s imbalanced emphasis on pathology and illness in its first hundred years. […]

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A Lovely Piece by Jeri Parker

Is it be too late? It’s never too late. Not until you don’t recognize the words on the page. Take the wild horse and go for the long ride through the meadows and timber and yes, the underbrush, and come out of it with the story only you can tell. Take your time getting it right; it takes time. The big thing is get started. What comes back to you will take your breath away. You don’t want to miss any of it.

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