Everything Mind – Chris Grosso

Everything Mind - Chris Grosso I had a wonderful time working with Chris Grosso on his newest book, Everything Mind. Mystic don Jose Ruiz Jr. called it a “masterpiece.” Buddhist teacher Tara Brach said Chris “inspires us to find within our own imperfect selves the very source of love and freedom,” and actor and author Jeff Bridges said, “I dig this book. By sharing his life’s journey, Chris Grosso shines a light on our own.”

Publishers Weekly said “His low-key offer of tools for experiencing the oneness of life is human and humble, while secure in understanding its profound value, like a friend putting a hand on your shoulder on a rough day.”

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Jeff C. Stevenson’s Fortney Road

Jeff C. Stevenson's Fortney RoadGreat advance praise for Jeff C. Stevenson’s Fortney Road! Pub date: June 2.

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Publishers Weekly reviews Make Me One with Everything

Make Me One with EverythingThe title’s reference to the classic joke about the Dalai Lama’s encounter with a hot dog vendor signals the playful tone of Surya’s exploration of non-duality, but the influential American Buddhist teacher and writer (Awakening the Buddha Within) is passionately serious about his subject. “Inter-meditation,” he explains, “means meditating with—the practice and art of intimacy and union with whatever is, just as it is.”

Read more at PublishersWeekly.com

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The Courier-Journal Reviews Slowspoke

Slowspoke - Mark Schimmoeller

If you loved Barbara Kingsolver’s family farm narrative “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle,” you’ll want to read “Slowspoke: A Unicyclist’s Guide to America,” about a Kentucky man’s cross-country travels by unicycle. The book is actually three alternating stories: Mark Schimmoeller’s childhood growing up with former Peace Corps volunteer parents in a house with no running water, telephone or television; his 1992 trip; and his recent life with his wife in a rural 12-by-24-foot cabin with a wood-burning stove, solar oven and harvested rainwater.

Read the full article on courier-journal.com…

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Jeri Parker / A Thousand Voices Featured In Kirkus Reviews

A Thousand Voices - Jeri Parker

…Parker waited until the time was right to publish her first book. “I seem to want to have a highly refined, thought-through piece,” she says, which is why she went through multiple revisions, considered and decided against working with several traditional publishers, and finally joined with friends to form a publishing company, Winter Beach Press, before sharing her memoir, A Thousand Voices, with the public.

Read the full article on KirkusReviews.com…

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Slowspoke Receives Starred PW Review

Slowspoke - Mark SchimmoellerMark Schimmoeller’s book Slowspoke, published by Alice Peck Editorial, just received a starred review at Publishers Weekly.

Sumptuous language and a disarming gentleness propel this profoundly simple, funny, and sincere memoir.

To read the full review, visit publishersweekly.com.

Slowspoke: A Unicyclist’s Guide to America is available in hardcover and paperback editions, as well as a Kindle edition on [amazon_link id=”0986058734″ target=”_blank” ]Amazon.com[/amazon_link].

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My Interview with E.A. Aymar

Goodbye Beautiful

“I probably wouldn’t have been published without Alice Peck. Goodbye, Beautiful went through a number of drafts and versions, and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t happy with any of them. So I hired Alice to edit the book for me and she suggested changing the story’s narrator. That’s HUGE, right? But it was, hands down, the best advice I’ve ever received. Honestly, when I thought about her approach, I felt the story’s heartbeat.

“You can (and should) have friends and other writers read your work, but I tell everyone I know to hire a freelance editor (unless you already have an editor through your publisher). You’ll get good feedback from your peer reviewers, but you need someone who understands the elements of sentence structure, when you should use an em dash, what an em dash is, someone who can see both the small and big picture for your book. It’s even better if you get someone who understands New York publishing circles, how the industry is changing, and what approaches new and established writers should take. Alice gets all of that. I really don’t want to make this introduction into more of an advertisement for her (although you can find her services here), so I’ll end it by saying that she’s always going to edit every novel I write until she’s dead.”

Read the interview…

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