Congratulations to Lama Surya Das! Make Me One with Everything: Buddhist Meditations to Awaken from the Illusion of Separation was chosen as one of the Best Spiritual Books of 2015 by Spirituality & Practice.



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UNMOORED by Jeri Parker

A lovely review for Jeri Parker’s new book in Blue Ink!


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Unmoored by Jeri Parker featured in Top Reviews from Publishing Perspectives

014-300x200When the narrator of this richly imagined novel begins telling her story, in 1992, her tyrannical father has just died in a mysterious house fire. Was it an accident? Suicide? Murder? This burning question compels Idaho painter and writer Rennie England to take stock of her life. A wonderful shimmer of ambiguity envelops all the vivid players in this novel, including the violent but sometimes tender father and the love of Rennie’s life, David, a shadowy romantic who dies in Tel Aviv amid a cloud of political intrigue. Parker knows well the vast beauty of the American West. Her vivid descriptions and precise, unsentimental writing make this an enthralling family saga.

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Chris Grosso author of Everything Mind, in Yoga Journal

Spirituality: Learn to Make Yourself Available to Life

What does spirituality mean to you?

The beautiful thing is that if you ask ten different people what spirituality means to them, you’re likely to get ten different answers, which makes it clear that spirituality truly is a highly individualized process and experience. Nobody owns it—not Buddhists or Hindus, Christians or Muslims, atheists or Jews. The abridged definition I most often use is simply: waking up. Spirituality is an interior journey, one that takes us beneath the surface of who and what we think we are and guides each of us home to our truest Self.

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An Excerpt from Lose Your Mind, Open Your Heart by Peggy Kornegger

Peggy was recently featured in Spirit of Change:

From “What Kind of World Do You Want to Live In?”

Our hearts are being split open by the very personal dramas of individuals beyond our friend/family circles, beyond our states, countries, and hemispheres. What we are feeling is unity consciousness, oneness, or just plain love for our fellow human beings. Of course, not all conflicts within and between countries and cultures have been healed. Racism, economic disparities, and inequalities still exist, but attitudes are shifting, and rigidities are softening. Cracks in the dense wall of otherness are appearing. Hope is raising its weary head with renewed energy.

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Pastrami on Rye by Ted Merwin

Ted Merwin’s Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli received a terrific review in the New York Times:

It’s reasonable to be a little melancholy about the deli no longer occupying a central place in Jewish American life. At the same time, I would suggest that as delis are moved and reopened and reimagined, they’re still touching on those traditions. There’s no sense pining for an authenticity that would have no place in our world — the old neighborhoods aren’t here either. Might delis become museum pieces? Nostalgic constructions? As long as they’re built with the knowledge and affection Merwin brings to the table, and as long as we sit down at that table and there’s still pastrami on it, would that be so wrong?

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Pastrami Cover

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Unmoored–a new novel by Jeri Parker

Unmoored by Jeri Parker received a rave review in Blue Ink:

Salt Lake City author Jeri Parker knows well the vast beauty of the American West, not least the North Fork of the Snake River. She also writes beautifully—and unsentimentally– about the traumas in Rennie’s life. Parker’s description of the ruinous Teton Dam Flood of 1976 is spare and harrowing, and she perfectly captures the morning-after shock of the fatal fire: “This isn’t how we lived—what’s on this lawn, this blackened house. We got up each morning, loved each other, more or less, kept clean like other people. We drank from glasses, forks on the left. We washed the Buick once a week, cared for a garden . . .”

Of such tense verbal precision and depth of feeling is this enthralling family saga made.

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And here to review or buyunmoored_cover the book on Amazon.

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