Help Me! by Richard B. Joelson, DSW

Richard B. Joelson

Richard B. Joelson, DSW (Health Psychology Press)

Inside Orwell and Other Stories

Joseph Raffetto

Inside Orwell and Other Stories (Noovella)


Make Me One with Everything

Make Me One with Everything

Lama Surya Das

Make Me One with Everything (Sounds True)

Fortney Road - Jeff C. Stevenson

Fortney Road - Jeff C. Stevenson

Jeff C. Stevenson

Fortney Road: Life, Death and Deception in a Christian Cult (Freethought House)

Open Your Heart

Peggy Kornegger

Lose Your Mind, Open Your Heart (Dog Ear Publishing)


I'll Sleep When You're Dead

E.A. Aymar

I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead (Black Opal Books)


Hannah Seligson

Alice Peck has what I call a “magic touch” when it comes to editing and writing. She knows exactly what to add, delete, and rework to make a piece sparkle. Alice is that rare commodity: a truly superb editor who is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Hannah Seligson

[amazon_link id=”B00AD6APJ2″ target=”_blank” ]Mission: Adulthood: How the 20-Somethings of Today Are Transforming Work, Love, and Life (Diversion Books)[/amazon_link]

[amazon_link id=”0806529431″ target=”_blank” ]New Girl on the Job (Citadel)[/amazon_link]

[amazon_link id=”0738213160″ target=”_blank” ]A Little Bit Married: How to Know When It’s Time to Walk Down the Aisle or out the Door (Da Capo Press)[/amazon_link]

The Guardian Popular

Chase Nebeker Peterson

The Guardian Popular (University of Utah Press)

Jon Buchan

Code of the Forest

Jon Buchan

Code of the Forest (Joggling Board Press)

Tracy Krulik

I absolutely have to thank Alice Peck. In addition to her talents as my editor, Alice helped me transform from enthusiastic blogger to professional writer. Her encouragement and her mentorship gave me the confidence to move forward with this project and to build a freelancing career. If you are looking for an editor—especially if you are a first-time author—seek out Alice.

Tracy Krulik

I Have Cancer and I’ve Never Felt Better (Create Space)

In His Stead

Judith Sanders

In His Stead (IronWord Press)

Miguel Parga

In the long battle to get your book published, Alice Peck is a clarifying voice, an ally, and an advisor. She’s the best kind of friend a writer can have, one that believes.

Miguel Parga

Blood Laws (Anaphora Literary Press)


Jeri Parker

Alice Peck is a beautiful intermediary between the world you’re in and the world your story comes from.

Jeri Parker

A Thousand Voices (Winter Beach Press)

Barry Chudakov

Alice Peck is a word sorceress, a manuscript whisperer. More than expert at the mechanics of editing, Alice listens on another level, finding ways to enhance your vision, and caring passionately about getting in sync with your rhythms and the book’s audience. When ideas rush forth, tripping over each other, Alice finds a way to make expression clearer and more compelling without diminishing creative energy…. The net result is that when you have a new idea or have rewritten an important piece, the question topmost in your mind is, what would Alice think?

Barry Chudakov

The Tool That Tells The Story: New Narratives and Metalives in the Age of Connected Devices (Metalife Press, July 2012)

Maureen Burwell Pollinger

From the moment we spoke I knew Alice Peck was the perfect editor for me. She wholeheartedly and enthusiastically took on my project with complete focus and passion. Alice saw and sifted out the jewels, respected the core text while shaving, sculpting and plying her expertise, intuition and special touch to a behemoth of a manuscript. I knew from the start Alice would give it her all….she truly believed in it. No one else could have brought to it her special and unique magic.

Maureen Burwell Pollinger

Yes! I Will! I Do! (Purple Plume, a division of Inkwell Ltd.)

Jeffrey B. Rubin

Alice Peck is a gem: one-of-kind. She listens deeply and edits with a deft—and compassionate—touch. A literary midwife, she will help bring out your best thinking and writing.

Jeffrey B. Rubin, PhD

The Art of Flourishing (Broadway Books/Random House)

Kristen Wolf

Alice Peck is an outstanding editor, but she is more than that. She is also a heartfelt, kind, and thoughtful person. From the moment she takes your story into her hands, you will feel she is not just your editor, but your friend. Alice is a master at her craft; her insights into story, character development, plot, and marketability are first rate. But she also possesses the unique ability to look beyond a normal editor’s scope: to guide writers to focus the intent and purpose of their story. Alice’s particular talent proved enormously helpful to me as I worked on my novel and, as I have come to find, is a rare magic.

Kristen Wolf

[amazon_link id=”0307717690″ target=”_blank” ]The Way (Crown/Random House)[/amazon_link]


The Power Of Ugly by Jamie J. Stilson

Alice Peck has a rare mixture as an editor. She works from both her head
 and her heart. Her work is more than a profession—it is a passion. When
 Alice agrees to take on a project she gives her heart and soul to it.

Jamie J. Stilson

[amazon_link id=”1935959026″ target=”_blank” ]The Power of Ugly[/amazon_link] (Harmon Press)