What I Do

If you are a careful reader of acknowledgment pages and “special thanks” credits, you’ll find that Alice Peck has more than twenty years of experience working with authors, and has guided dozens of first-time novelists and nonfiction writers at every stage—concept, proposal, first draft, publisher’s revisions, or final draft—to completed and submission-ready manuscripts. These authors have been published by Atria, Avon, Ballantine, Berkeley, Broadway Books, Citadel, Crown, Da Capo, HarperCollins, Hyperion, MIT, McGraw-Hill, NAL, NYU, Permanent Press, Praeger, and Random House, as well as numerous small presses and independent publishers.

Recent nonfiction: Dr. Jeffrey Rubin’s The Art of Flourishing (Random House), Lama Surya Das’s Buddha Standard Time (HarperCollins), Hannah Seligson’s Mission: Adulthood (Diversion), Hipolito Acosta’s The Shadow Catcher (Atria).

First novels: L. Alison Heller’s The Love Wars (NAL), Kristen Wolf’s The Way (Crown), Karen Doornebos’s Definitely Not Mr. Darcy (Berkeley Trade), Tim Cockey’s The Hearse You Came in On (Hyperion), Glen Scott Allen’s The Shadow War (St. Martin’s Press), Laurence Klavan’s The Cutting Room (Ballantine).

Recent memoir: Jeri Parker’s A Thousand Voices (Winter Beach Press), Chase Peterson’s The Guardian Poplar (University of Utah).

Award-winning independently published books include: Joanie Schirm’s Adventurers Against Their Will, Jon Buchan’s Code of the Forest, Karen Kataline’s Fatlash!, and Judith Sanders’s In His Stead.

Many writers return for help with their second, third, and even fourth books, including Kim Powers (Capote in Kansas, Da Capo), Shel Leanne (Say It Like Obama, McGraw-Hill), Susan McBride (Blue Blood, Avon), Evelyn “Slim” Lambright (The Sweethearts of Soul, HarperCollins), Elaine M. Brown The Little Black Book of Success (One World/Ballantine).

Alice Peck is an editor for the transformational website RewireMe.com, where she focuses on books, psychology, and spirituality. She is also the author and editor of two anthologies published by SkyLight Paths. The Detroit Free Press called Next to Godliness: Finding the Sacred in Housekeeping “a cultural landmark exploring our changing attitudes about home” and named it one of their top books of the year. Bread, Body, Spirit: Finding the Sacred in Food has been the subject of several articles and radio programs.

Before focusing exclusively on publishing, Alice acquired books and developed scripts for film and television, including A Few Good Men by Aaron Sorkin (TriStar), Dune by Frank Herbert (SciFi Channel), A Season in Purgatory by Dominick Dunne (CBS), and JFK: Reckless Youth by Nigel Hamilton (ABC). She also story-produced documentary and reality series for AMC, Bravo, and MTV.